The Future of Event Planning on the National Mall: 2013 Guide to New Event Rules & Regulations

The National Mall has just completed their first renovation of the grounds in 30 years. To protect the new grass and the new irrigation systems, new event planning rules have been issued governing where on the National Mall events can be held, and where tents and structures can be pitched. The Decibel team has created a comprehensive chart to clarify the new regulations for the event planning community. Read more…


Glass Packaging Institute 2013 Spring Meeting

We just wrapped up the Glass Packaging Institute’s (GPI) Spring Meeting in Washington, DC.  Read more…


NFC Integration for Mobile Tours and Event Environments

One of the best parts of the event production and management world is getting to see cutting edge and new, emerging technologies. This is especially true when companies get together and produce a field ready unit that can be rolled into our current event mix.

Read more…


Exhibitor 2013

We had the opportunity to travel to the Exhibitor 2013 show this year, and it did not disappoint. This is a trade show and conference for trade show and conference builders and planners. Many of the manufacturers bring their best new concepts and technologies for display, and we were able to spend quality time with some of the best of the best. It was also great to see the show growing again this year- with a host of new exhibitors, and some that have come back from a few years away. Below, we have included some of our favorites. Read more…

TSE featured image 2013

2013 The Special Event Chicago, IL

Do you remember that feeling when you were a kid and your parents let you walk through the toy section of a store? The pure joy and excitment of the latest and greatest thing? That is exactly how it felt to walk through The Special Event in Chicago a few weeks ago. Read more…

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