Event Management Blog: Booking Celebrity Speakers

How to Screen Celebrity Speakers: Booking Tips for Your Event

It’s a tough wake-up call for readers of Perez Hilton or the Daily Mail: all those famous people who make headlines and sell newspapers don’t always make engaging speakers at events. Sure, big names are great at getting butts in seats, but it’s easy to forget that expertise or fame doesn’t necessarily relate to engaging stage presence unless the celebrity is familiar and comfortable with the in-front-of-a-podium format. Here are a few things to remember when booking a celebrity guest at your event. Read more…


PR Smiths: Decibel Management Picks Up PRSA Silver Anvil

For the part it played in the production and tour events for the DoubleTree by Hilton Little Things Project, Decibel Management was awarded with its second Silver Anvil by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). Read more…


TEDx Amsterdam and Mobile Event Apps of the Future

Although first appearing on the scene only recently, event apps are quickly becoming a staple of large event management today. Given how cavernous some conference centers can seem, or the immense scale that industry events can take on, having a helping hand on a smartphone can help attendees integrate with the event and interact with each other in a more meaningful (and creative!) way. Read more…

Event Planning Blog: Crisis Management during an event

Expect the best, prepare for the worst: bulletproofing your event

Every event organizer knows that feeling: You’ve made the last phone call, you’ve ticked off the last item on the checklist, you’ve made sure that ambitious trade show booth will actually fit in a 10×10 square and you’ve done it all while bringing your event in under budget. Now all that’s left is to sit back and watch everything run itself.

Hah, just kidding.
Read more…

Tips for Holding a Great Press Conference Washington DC

Holding Press Conferences: 5 Ways to Impress the Press

Press conferences are a dime a dozen these days, and any client can put a banner up, call a couple of local rags and plug an event. But this is a critical moment of the event management process, when the people with the power to come into contact with your big plans, and yet even long-time pros overlook or fumble the details. Check out these tips from Decibel to create a press conference that helps the press help you: Read more…

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