9 Weird Themed Venues for Events Big and Small

It isn’t all staid business hotels and conference centers in the event management scene. Check out this list of fun, unique and downright odd event venues. Read more…


America’s Finest Estates for Corporate Events: Six of the Best

For a country falsely rumored as having only a little history, the range of architecture displayed in America’s estates is pretty staggering. From Louis XIV-style palaces to Tudor homes and Southern mansions, the US offers event managers some wonderful, lavish environments for upscale events. These are just some of our favorite estates that provide a real mixture of charming authenticity and originality. Read more…

Best Campaign Stage Sets & Backdrops

Look Behind You, Mr. President: 5 Examples of Political Campaign Event Backdrops

Political Campaign Stage Design: Democratic National Convention

2012 Democratic National Convention

Campaign and Convention event production in American presidential races revolves around key themes that nobody ever strays too far from. In terms of substance, candidates may be far apart, but for style- flag and country are mainstays on both sides. Read more…


New Department of Transportation Regulations for Mobile Tours

We love mobile tours around here and have been part of quite a few over the years. Mobile Tours, for the uninitiated, are essentially traveling events and can take on many forms and involve many different type of vehicles, including tour coaches, equipment transport, buses, food trucks, custom fabricated vehicles, SUVs and trailers – the whole deal.

That being so, many of the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) regulations that govern mobile tours can be confusing, and we wanted to take the opportunity to pass along a few of these important rules for a safe mobile tour. If you’re considering hiring a mobile tour operator yourself, it’s best to check that they’re familiar with the current regulations. Read more…

Event Management Blog: Booking Celebrity Speakers

How to Screen Celebrity Speakers: Booking Tips for Your Event

It’s a tough wake-up call for readers of Perez Hilton or the Daily Mail: all those famous people who make headlines and sell newspapers don’t always make engaging speakers at events. Sure, big names are great at getting butts in seats, but it’s easy to forget that expertise or fame doesn’t necessarily relate to engaging stage presence unless the celebrity is familiar and comfortable with the in-front-of-a-podium format. Here are a few things to remember when booking a celebrity guest at your event. Read more…

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