H&R Block “Get Your Billion Back America” Campaign

In early 2014, H&R Block launched an experiential marketing program that builds off their “Get Your Billion Back America” ad campaign. The tour puts the brand in the hands of consumers and rewards them with cash.

Developed in partnership with Ketchum, Decibel Management designed and created a custom, interactive kiosk composed of four computers, multiple touchscreens, cameras and ATM components.

The 20-foot-by-20-foot kiosk is set up in high-traffic locations where participants take a two-minute quiz which includes imagining what they would do with a billion dollars. As a reward, the kiosk dispenses up to $100 per participant.

This kiosk is definitely a first of its kind. It is part ATM, part photo/video booth and was built from scratch for the ‘Get Your Billion Back’ events hosted by H&R Block. And it was built in 6 weeks, from concept to completion.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. at Decibel!

Decibel Management has been very busy since September and we are happy to finish out 2013 with an exciting amount of events we were fortunate to be a part of during the fall months!

National Book Festival, SHIRE Mobile Tour, National ATI Day, Glass Packaging Institute’s Annual Meeting, Clorox Caroling with Busy Phillips, NextGen Climate Action Summit, Raleigh Christmas Parade, London Financial Forum, just to name a few.

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You know you’re an event planner when… An industry infographic

Fact: Not everyone was cut out to be a shock troop in the never-ending battle against deadlines, wilting flowers and sprinkler systems that explode at exactly the wrong time, but those that make it love every hectic minute. How do you know when you’re knees-deep in the industry? Our clever colleagues at Event Manager Blog polled their readers, asking them to pinpoint those little indicators that set event planners apart from the rest. Read more…


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Apart from the conference venue itself and the décor, the lay-out of a meeting room will be the first impression attendees get. It will help to color their judgment of quality event management, their thoughts on originality and comfort as well as set their mood. Below, we have picked a few innovative set-ups for event seating arrangements which can lend the right blend of work and whimsy to your conferences. Read more…


9 Weird Themed Venues for Events Big and Small

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