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Eventception: Events about Events, and Other Conferences Event Planners Should Check Out

Event planners: always the bridesmaid, never the bride. After creating all that fanfare for others, it’s nice to be a guest in your own right, chill with industry experts and get inspired. Don’t miss these industry-specific events, tailored just for you. Read more…


Govevents.com Reports on Event Spending

You’ve probably noticed that when data is reported from studies – any data – most of the statistics you see cited are 3-10 years old, and you can imagine all the ho-hum reasons why: it takes researchers a while to gather info, collate it, make conclusions about it, publish it, and for it to end up on a linkbait infographic colorful enough to wrest attention away from the royal drool stains (And what was Selena Gomez thinking? These questions haunt us all.). Read more…


National Mall Special Event Permit Update

It turns out that it took about a year for the new special event rules and regulations for permitting the National Mall to sink in and really get noticed. The National Mall has been host to a number of small to mid sized events over the last year, but no events to the scale that the National Mall has seen in the past. This week, a number of people have sent us this Petition by the group Save the Festival. It seems as if this is a group of concerned volunteers who want to save this event, by allowing for a permanent special event space within the renovation of the National Mall. The Smithsonian Folklife Festival is one of the great annual events that we enjoy in DC and on the National Mall, and it seems that they are having the same issues working in the NPS Event rules as other large-scale events. Read more…


Behind the Scenes with Decibel Management: How an Experiential Event Comes Together

If you have ever wondered what goes into a technical and experiential event build, take a look behind the scenes with Decibel Management and our amazing production team for the building of the H&R Block- Get Your Billion Back experience.

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H&R Block “Get Your Billion Back America” Campaign

In early 2014, H&R Block launched an experiential marketing program that builds off their “Get Your Billion Back America” ad campaign. The tour puts the brand in the hands of consumers and rewards them with cash.

Developed in partnership with Ketchum, Decibel Management designed and created a custom, interactive kiosk composed of four computers, multiple touchscreens, cameras and ATM components.

The 20-foot-by-20-foot kiosk is set up in high-traffic locations where participants take a two-minute quiz which includes imagining what they would do with a billion dollars. As a reward, the kiosk dispenses up to $100 per participant.

This kiosk is definitely a first of its kind. It is part ATM, part photo/video booth and was built from scratch for the ‘Get Your Billion Back’ events hosted by H&R Block. And it was built in 6 weeks, from concept to completion.

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