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Sesame Street at the White House: How Decibel Got Involved

In mid-June, the creators of Sesame Street began a new campaign “Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration” seeking to help young children whose parents are in prison. The campaign aims to reach out to the 2.7 million American kids who have one or both parents in jail, especially those under the age of 8. Sesame Street is teaming up with the White House’s Office of Public Engagement to help children better understand this separation and aid parents in talking about incarceration with their young ones.

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TEDx Amsterdam and Mobile Event Apps of the Future

Although first appearing on the scene only recently, event apps are quickly becoming a staple of large event management today. Given how cavernous some conference centers can seem, or the immense scale that industry events can take on, having a helping hand on a smartphone can help attendees integrate with the event and interact with each other in a more meaningful (and creative!) way. Read more…


Glass Packaging Institute 2013 Spring Meeting

We just wrapped up the Glass Packaging Institute’s (GPI) Spring Meeting in Washington, DC.  Read more…


NFC Integration for Mobile Tours and Event Environments

One of the best parts of the event production and management world is getting to see cutting edge and new, emerging technologies. This is especially true when companies get together and produce a field ready unit that can be rolled into our current event mix.

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TSE featured image 2013

2013 The Special Event Chicago, IL

Do you remember that feeling when you were a kid and your parents let you walk through the toy section of a store? The pure joy and excitment of the latest and greatest thing? That is exactly how it felt to walk through The Special Event in Chicago a few weeks ago. Read more…

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